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Resources for learners: Teacher & learner portal Interactive exercises ESL for kids Free video and audio Online language exchange Online ESL degrees
english.gotop English learner sites
topenglish Online language resources
english-portal Trilingual ESL portal
eslcity Teachers helping teachers
englishclub For learners & teachers
spokenenglish Native speakers - free
shiporsheep Pronunciation tutor
eslteachersboard ESL jobs, resumes
usingenglish Large ESL site
onelang Free courses & materials
1-language Online ESL resource
manythings American pron practice
a4esl Activities for ESL students
englishdaily ESL resources Online English school
vocabulary Fun vocab learning
learnenglish Free EFL/ESL resource
1-language Large free ESL site

english  How to learn English
angliknet For learners of English
volterre For French speakers
a4esl Activities for ESL students
englishlearner English lessons, tests
englishwebguide For EFL learners
towerofenglish EFL learner's guide
aapress Materials for IELTS

homestayoz ESL homestay in Oz
englishwebguide Learners' resource
englishclub People speaking English
searchlanguage A search engine
sester For German ESL learners

Resources for teachers:

esljobsworld ESL jobs worldwide
eslprintables ESL teacher resources
englishclub For learners & teachers For teachers, employers ESL/EFL jobs, resumes
toplanguagejobs Language jobs online
teflcert Tefl certification in Mexico
eslcity Teacher resources & jobs
marksesl ESL portal - many links
iteslj The Internet TESL journal
shiporsheep Free pronunciation tutor
teachingenglish For ESL job-hunters
eslemployment 4500 TEFL jobs
englishjobmaze TEFL jobs/info
webenglishteacher Teachers' resource
wagner For German EFL teachers Cal State U. resource
eflweb For new teachers of English
educationguardian For EFL teachers
webenglishteacher Teacher resources US Ed Dept resource ELT career portal
onestopenglish TEFL resource


European languages

Resources for learners:

learnspanish Free online Spanish
learn-to-speak-german German online
spanishuno Online Spanish
deutschakademie Learn German
french-language-guide French online
alpha German for foreigners
iletitride Italian directory
translationcentral German transl'n
cervantes Learn Spanish online
dutchtrav Online travellers' Dutch
learnspanishtoday Spanish online
spanishprograms Spanish online
learnfrench French online Free Dutch course
learnspanish 50+ destinations
learnplus German courses online
swedishsl For learners of Swedish
multilingual Live Spanish online
anacleta Spanish for children etc Kennisbronnen: Dutch

Resources for teachers:

languagelab Speaking practice online
gut! For teachers of German
zut! For teachers of French
wagner For German French teachers
volterre ESL & French resources
spanishprograms Free Spanish A Dutch educational site

Other languages

Resources for learners/teachers:

luomapinyin Free online Mandarin
language-directory Schools directory
lchinese Chinese character study
sprachkurse Schools guide, in German
languagecourse Directory of courses
languages-cd Learn Mandarin on CD
liDenz Russian in Moscow/St P'burg
ruslanguage Russian at MoscowUni
phrasebas Learning resources
languagetech Indonesian resources Various languages

dictionarist Multilingual talking dict'y
wordsmyth Graded online dictionary
ectaco Electronic dictionaries
allwords Multingual dictionary
dictionaries Directory of dictionaries
languagetech Indonesian dictionary
lexicate 103 free online dictionaries


wintranslation Website translations
blitranslations Profession'l translators
trustedtranslations Spanish translat'ns Hungarian translations
language-translations E-translations
betranslated Translation services
Translations all languages
translationcentral Translation services
lingo24 Document translation
russiantranslation Russian translations
alsintl Translating & intepreting
applied Translations 140 languages
new-lingo NZ translation services
language-usa Russian translation USA


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