A free online e-story for children aged 3 to 9 who are learning to read
"Oh and Ah" is a free online e-story which
primary, pre-primary & kindergarten
children can "read" just by
mousing over the words


1    Once upon a time
2    Oh could fly
3    One day...
4    The other alien
5    Ah was scared
6    This made Oh scared
7    Then they made friends
8    Suddenly the sun came out
9    Ah gave Oh a present
10   Oh swallowed it
11   "What can I give Ah?"
12   Ah looked and looked
13   It sat in its little world


14   "Yes, isn't it?"
15   So everything was great, right?
16   "What does HD stand for?"
17   "Ho, ho, ho!" chortled HD
18   "What does 'ignorant' mean?"
19   "I don't know how to spell 'fish'"
20   "And now I'm going to..."
21   "Wait a minute!" said Oh
22   Just as everything seemed hopeless
23   The glow grew
24   Oh and Ah called their child "Oah"
25   "It's f-i-s-h"
26   Oh and Ah and Oah