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the, letter, calendar, picture, figure, a, an, at, thorough, madam, nation, woman, accept, effort, from, around, for, avalanche, Edinb(u)rgh, azure, Asia, to, Jesus, surgeon, surprise, gathered, hello, hallo, hullo, rumour, banal, nomenclature, circuitous
bird, burden, heard, herd, world, were, colonel, courtesy
curl, girl, early, search, sir, surgeon, occur, fur, circuit

beat, breathe, seat, sheet, receive, brief, serene, turkey,
the (before vowels), we, he, she, pecan
bit, kit, mint, hill, hymn, women, it, which, av(e)rage, language, pigeon, cyclical, bicycle, pretty,enquiry, mortgage, miniature, signature, hypocrisy, forage, lettuce, busy, Jesus's, build, captain, aegean, vinyl, business, mountain, waited, beloved
bet, let, set, weather, whether, when, leisure,
friend, measure, breath, ahead, instead, feather
air, where, wear, there, their, they're, hair, care,
scare, scarce, square, various, pear, welfare, fair, aware
bat, cat, hat, add, madam, and, back, avalanche
but, cup, some, mother, come, other, above, Monday,
love, thorough ('gh' = silent), t
ough ('gh' = 'f'), flourish, flood
bad, mad, sad, glad, man, ma'am, land
cart, heart, half, arm, radar, calm, avalanche, scarred
sergeant, garage, tomato, banal, aunt, aren't, are
should, good, would, could, wood, woman, wolf
shoe, to ('strong' form), two, too, you, who, whose,
lieutenant (also pronounced "ef"), true, sue, route, chew, brew, eschew, cruise, through
cot, hot, got, on, from (final), what, watch, want, falter
quality, sausage, cough
('gh' = 'f'), swamp
caught, court, cauterize, auction, pause, cortisone, bought, sport, war, all, or, awe, raw, roar, for (final), former, claw, clause, door, boring, talk, you're, poor, draw, warm

. .
A final note: "to", "the", and "at", "from" and "for"are pronounced as above, except at the end of a phrase, in which case the 'strong' form (Eg 'to' rhyming with 'shoe') may be used. The strong forms of "the" (rhyming with "tea") and "to" may also be used before a vowel.

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