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British English   Two Vowel Sounds

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coat, boat, cold, stole, bowl, old, home, comb
roll, toe, no
, go, though, although, slow
fear, hear, ear, beer, behemoth, weir, mere, subsidiary, pianist, area, diarrhoea, caribbean, miscellaneous, really, superior, idiot, aegean, sphere, we're, theological, Korea
fumes, cute, you, newt, huge, therapeutic, Cuba, nuisance, beautiful,
Europe, urine, queue
face, raise, amazing, straight, hate, baby, paper, gaelic, array
later, neighbour, feign, bouquet, potato, grey, gauge, they
fine, behind, child, line, kind, silent, maelstrom, aisle, ally,
, I, my, light, paradigm, mind, giro, guide, guy, vitae, sigh
foul, about, house, flower, out,
how, now, allow, plough, ouch!
foil, boy, toil, enjoy, voice, Reuters
truer, sewer, bluer, doer, dual, jewel
one, wonder, worry, once
albeit, "free it"
theatrical, meander, piano, Seattle


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April, 2000
April, 2000


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