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Canadian English....Diphthongs

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Please note: the words and symbols below refer to the British English sounds. They
are only provided for comparison.   Many of the Canadian sounds are quite different!

coat, boat, stole, bowl, old, roll, toe, no *
fear, hear, ear, beer, weir, mere, subsidiary
fume, cute, you, newt, queue
face, raise, amazing, straight, hate
fine, behind, line, kind, eye, I, my, sigh
foul, about, flower, out, now, ouch!
foil, boy, toil, enjoy
truer, sewer, bluer, doer
one, wonder, worry, once
  * Note : the famous Canadian "about" (with the 'o' spoken between [e] and a schwa) is in fact only pronounced in this way by a minority of Canadian English speakers in the vicinity of Newfoundland.


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Hallifax, Nova Scotia

Nov 17, 2000
March 9, 2001




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