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Welsh English....Diphthongs

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Please note: the words and symbols below refer to the British English sounds. They
are only provided for comparison.  Many of the Welsh sounds are quite different!

coat, boat, stole, bowl,
ld, roll, toe, no
fear, hear, ear, beer,
weir, mere, subsidiary
fumes, cute, you, newt, queue
face, raise, amazing, straight, hate
fine, behind, line,
kind, eye, I, my, sigh
foul, about, flower, out, now, ouch!
foil, boy, toil, enjoy
truer, sewer, bluer, doer
one, wonder, worry, once


Our warmest thanks go to ...

Speaker Geographical origin Date of recording Approx age
Alison Prosser
Jeremy Prosser
Neath, South Wales
Port Talbot, South Wales
March 30th, 2001
March 30th, 2001



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