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Diana, dialysis, "my acne", diaspora
hire, higher, liar, fire, pliers, buyer, diagram, Ireland
diarrhoea, hierarchy, science, giant, iron, ion, admire, friar
ionosphere, biology, bionic, "I often go", antibiotic
shower, hour, power, sour, dour
"how are the boys?"
mayor, mayonnaise, player, play a song
slower, mower, Goa,
"go a mile", "sew a shirt"
pronunciation, affiliation
stereo, Romeo, radio, rodeo, Ethiopia
fewer, newer, manure, cure, lure,
"I knew a man", liqueur
query, queer,
, we're
, weary
enquire, choir,
"Why are we here?", wire
inchoate, oasis, Croatia


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