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  bull/pull, big/pig, bin/pin, bowl/pole
gold/cold, good/could, goat/coat, gate/Kate
die/tie, down/town, dime/time, dim/Tim
van/fan, vine/fine, view/few, very/ferry, oval/offal

gin/chin, jug/chug, Jane/chain, June/tune, lunge/lunch, Jill/chill, Jew/chew, Jews' Day/Tuesday, hedge/fetch, danger/'doncha' = 'don't you'*

these/this, as/mass, has/hassle, puzzle/pestle
the/thing, thou/thousand (voiced: this, those,
em, clothes; voiceless: think, through, thorn, cloth)
Asia, leisure, seizure,
measure, treasure, pleasure
lagged/lacked, halved/laughed, nabbed/napped


* The sound is . Other examples of this sound:
'woncha' = "won't you", picture, miniature, feature, signature

Also: "do you" is often pronounced to sound exactly the same as "Jew"


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