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middle, puddle, little, it'll ("lateral plosion")
couldn't, mightn't, had never ("nasal plosion")
you and me, James and Clarissa

want to go (or 'wanna go'); going to go
(or 'gonna go' or 'genna go');
with "d": got to go; with "t": liked to, had to go
should have, could have, would have
should not have, could not have, would not have
"I would not do that if I were you"
"I would have ignored them"
"You should not have done that"
plenty, twenty, seventy-seven (but not "anti-")
rotten, cotton, gotten, hot and dirty (glottal stop replaces 't')

"I found them with some others at a
bar not far from the hotel."


"Where are theirs?"
"They're there."
"No, they're not"
"Well that's where they were."

"In the middle of a little lake"
situation, action, nation, rational, shenanigans
rain, arrange, paper

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