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Please note: the words and symbols below refer to the British English sounds. They
are only provided for comparison.  Many of the South African sounds are quite different!

middle, modal, puddle, little, it'll, metal ("lateral plosion")
couldn't, mightn't, had never, Britain, Briton ("nasal plosion")
you and me, James and Clarissa
want to go (or 'wanna go'); going to go (or 'gonna go' or 'genna go'); with "d": got to go; with "t": liked to, had to go
should have, could have, would have
should not have, could not have, would not have
"I would not do that if I were you"
"I would have ignored them"
"You should not have done that"
   Light: leg, loop, illegal   
little, pool, tickle, conceal, girl

"I found them with some others at a pub not far from the hotel."


"Where are theirs?"
"They're there."
"No, they aren't"
"Well that's where they were."


situation, action, nation, rational, shenanigans

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