This website uses a unique, patented text-to-speech conversion process that works best with Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox is not currently fully compatible with this process.

If you would like to partner with us to incorporate this process into your website, CD-ROM or other software, there are three ways of doing so:

1   We do the work   If it's just a few words or pages, send us the text and we'll give you a quote to produce the files you'll need and, if you wish, incorporate them into your website for you, or you can incorporate them yourself. Our quotation will include your user's licence.

2   You do the work   If you want to do the development work yourself, we will send you instructions on how to do so and quote you for a user's licence only. You will need professional web developer skills for this option.

3   Corporate Partnership   If you are interested in a wider corporate partnership, please outline your proposal.  Talking dictionaries, for example, are an area where we can make a significant contribution in both expertise and intellectual property.

Please address all enquiries to