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Swiss German....Vowel Sounds

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Please note: the writing is in German, but the speaking is in Swiss German
- an unwritten collection of dialects. The symbols are for the original German.

Stadt, Apfel, alt
Staat, haben, Abend
stellen, Mrz, echt
stehlen, geben, Lden
Steuer, heute, offen
Strer, mglich, ffnet
still, ist, ich
stiehlt, dir, wie
Stock, Schloss, sondern
Sohle, ohne, hohe
Stulle, Flut, kurz
Stuhl, Uhr, Kuh
strmt, fllen, Kken
Sthle, mde, fhlen


Our warmest thanks go to ...

Speaker Geographical origin Date of recording
Approx age
Mala Niederer
Sandro Cocchi

March 30th, 2001
April 2nd, 2001


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