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'ng' sounds

nggak (= 'tidak')
  tunggu, mengganggu
  ngeri (get goosepimples)
  tangan (hand)
  langsung (immediately)
Elision Ya (atau) nggak?
(Yes or no?)
  Say(a) nggak mau..
(I don't want to/any)
  Mau k(e) mana?
(Where are you off to?)
  b(e)rani, t(e)rus, s(e)kali
Other Sounds ke`ada`an, ma`af, cape`k
  tua/tuak, teguh/teguk
  nyanyi, nyamuk,
minyak, senyum
  roti, ramai
  orang, arak
  kabar, tidur
  akhir, tahan
(NB:more like 'h', than 'loch')
  bawah, nikah, mudah
  sisa, visa, Asia


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