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"maa" (to come)
"khaa" (to be stuck to/on)
"maak" (beetle nut)
"khaa" (a root called Galanga)
"maak" (a lot)
"khaa" (I, a servant)
"maa" (horse)
"khaa" (to sell)
"maa" (dog)
"khaa" (leg)
Tones in
"Kaa tord na ka?
(Excuse me)
"Chan jakab maa mai na ka"
(I'll come back later)
"Way laa tau rai ka?"
(What time is it?)
"Dee jai ti dai kop khun ka."
(Pleased to meet you)
  "Khun sa by dee mai ka?"
(How are you?)


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Sumalee Imswang


July 9th, 2001



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