Step Seven.6


...Conversation Patterns

Requests                   Anfragen         requêtes        richieste          peticiones





Sorry - is this OK?



Clarification                    Abklärungen         clarifications        chiarimenti          clarificaciones



In love.

Yes, I said "in love".


The French say "C'est la vie".

H'm - 'Gosh'? or maybe
"Wow!" or just.. "Oh!"



Conditional Questions     bedingte Fragen    questions conditionelles    domande condizionali     preguntas condicionales


Of course I will - like a shot!

I think I would.

Note: See also Talk 4, 5 and 6: "Conditionals"
    Probably not, actually.

The End                       Ende           Fin            Fine             Fin

                                        Yes, that's it.

                                        Yes, I'm afraid it is.

                 Yes, it is.

                                  Yes, it's me, love.

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