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French conversation patterns....One


Practice these questions and answers with a partner, substituting your own variations:

Qu'est-ce/quoi/comment               what      was          che cosa         qué

C'est un ouvre-boîte virtuel. What's this?
It's a virtual tin-opener.

What are these?  
They're words.
                      Il est amoureux. What's wrong with Jean?
He's in love.
                         Ils réparent le téléphone. They're fixing the phone.
                   Je fabrique des portes. What do you do?
I make doors.
I'm a mechanic.
                   Il est psycho-thérapeute. What does he do?
He's a psychotherapist.
                   Elle a à faire à des ordinateurs. What does she do?
Something to
do with computers.
                   Ils sont pompiers. What do they do?
They're firemen.
Il est bien. What's he like?
He's OK.
C'est très romantique. What's Paris like?
It's very romantic.
Ah, c'est vraiment bien! What's it like to
take a midnight swim?
It's great!


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Claire Martel
Jrôme Choron

Compigne, near Paris
Compigne, near Paris
July 4th, 2002
July 4th, 2002




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What's ? this? It's a virtual tin-opener. wrong with John?