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French conversation patterns....Two


...Practice these questions and answers with a partner, substituting your own variations:

Qui?           who     wer      chi      quién
C'est moi - desolé! Who's got my magazines?
It's me - sorry!.
                            Who's eaten all my chocolates?
It's me - sorry!
                                         qui les ai - desolé! Who's got my sun-glasses?  I've got them - sorry!
C'est moi! Who's there?
It's me!
C'est des espions! Who are those men in dark glasses?
They're spies!
C'est Chirac, encore. Who do you think won the election?
It's Chirac, again.
Jean - il est tellement cool! Who are you going to the party with?
Jean - he's so cool!

A qui?              whose         wessen         di chi         cuyo
C'est le mien! Whose magazine is this?
It's mine!
                        Whose is that? 
It's mine!
                               a moi! Whose is that thing?
It's mine!
                        Whose are these sun-glasses? They're mine!.


Our warmest thanks go to ...

Speaker Geographical origin Date of recording Approx age

Claire Martel
Jrôme Choron

Compigne, near Paris
Compigne, near Paris
July 4th, 2002
July 4th, 2002



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