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French conversation patterns....Five


.Practice these questions and answers with a partner, substituting your own variations:

(Le)quel...?              which          welch          quale          cuál
Raisin. Which flavour do you like best?
Celle de gauche. Which car is fastest? The one on the left.
Le plus gros s'il te plaît. Which one do you want? The biggest one, please.

Pourquoi...?              why         warum         perché          por qué
Parce que
je (ne) peux pas arrêter.
Why do you smoke? Becauuse I can't stop.
                          Parce que
je (ne) peux pas m'arrêter!
Why are you skiing? Because I can't stop!
                     Parce que l'air
conditionné ne marche plus.
Why is it so hot? Because the air con is broken.
                           marchait plus. Why was it so hot? Because the air con was broken..

Quand/A quelle heure...?                     when/what time            wann           quando           cuándo
A neuf heures. What time do you start work? At nine.
                               A six heures et demi. What time does the cafe open?
At six-thirty.
Quand a ferme. When are you going home? At closing time.
Seul Air France le sait. (Well) When's this plane arriving? Only Air France knows!



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Compigne, near Paris
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