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German conversation patterns....One


Conversation Patterns

Practice these questions and answers with a partner, substituting your own variations:

Was/Wie               what      quel/comment          che cosa/come         qué/como

Es ist ein
virtuelle Dosenöffner
What's this?
It's a virtual tin-opener.
  What are these?  
They're pictures.
                   Ah, er ist verliebt! What's wrong with John?
He's in love!
          Sie reparieren
die Telefone.
What are the men doing there?
They're fixing the phones.
          Ich mache Tren. What do you do?
I make doors.
       I'm a mechanic.
          Er unterrichtet
What does he do?
He teaches French.
                         Sie macht irgendetwas
mit Computern.
What does she do?
Something to
do with computers.
                   What do they do?
They're gardeners.
  Sehr nett. What's he like?
He's very nice.
                  Sehr schn! What's swimming in
the dark like? It's great!
          Sehr gut! What does
couscous taste like?
It's great!



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