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German conversation patterns....Five


.Practice these questions and answers with a partner, substituting your own variations:

Warum...?              why        pourquoi        perché          por qué
Weil ich nicht
aufhören kann.
Why do you smoke? Becauuse I can't stop.
                Ich kann nicht
Why are you skiing? Because I can't stop!
                Es ist unglaublich schwül. Why is it so hot? It's incredibly muggy.
                      war Why was it so hot? It was incredibly muggy.
              Weil du immer lter wirst! Why are policemen so young these days? Because you're getting older!

Wann...?                     when/what time           quand           quando           cuándo
Um neun. What time do you start work? At nine.
              Um sechsunddreißig. What time does the pub open?
At six-thirty.
              Am Schluss. When are you going home? At closing time.
              Das weiss nur die Deutsche Bahn! When's the next train leaving? Only German Rail knows!


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