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German conversation patterns....Six


...Practice these questions and answers with a partner, substituting your own variations:

Anfragen                         Requests                  requêtes                 richieste                 peticiones
Aber sicher, bitteschn. Could I have some chocolate please? Sure, go ahead.
                                              Could you pass me the salt? Sure.
Sicher - hier. Pass thesugar please. Sure, here you are.
Entschuldigung -
ist das besser?
Could you speak more slowly please? Sorry - is that better?
                                 Na klar. Could you not smoke, please? Sure.
                                   Could you let me past, please? Sure.

Abklärungen                    Clarification               clarifications              chiarimenti                clarificaciones
Verliebt sein. What does 'being infatuated with someone' mean? Being in love.
Ja, ich sagte
'verliebt sein'.
Sorry, I didn't understand you, could you repeat that please?
Yes, I said 'being in love'.
Die Franzosen sagen
'C'est la vie'.
What do you mean
by 'such is life'? The French say "c'est la vie".
Vielleicht 'Oh' oder 'Wow!' oder 'Oh-la-la!' How would you say 'Oo-la-la' in German? Maybe Oo!' or 'Wow! or 'oh-la-la!'

Bedingte Fragen              conditional questions      questions conditionelles      domande condizionali       preguntas condicionales
Will you marry me if I ask you? Of course, immediately!
  Ich denke,
  ich wrde.
Would you marry me if I asked you?
I think so.
  nicht, eigentlich.
Would you have married me if I'd asked you? Probably not, actually.

Ende                          The End             Fin               Fine                Fin
Ja, das ist (e)s! Is that it? Yes, that's it!.
        Ich befrchte ja. Is that the endl?  I'm afraid so.
              Ja, er ist es. Is that the postman at the door? Yes, it is.
             Ja, ich bin (e)s, Liebling. Is that you darling? Yes, it's me, love.


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Rosenheim, S Germany

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